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The great City of Yendor is the jewel in the crown of the Kingdom of Yendor. It is famous over the whole West for its trade, it's glittering streets and the great wealth of its merchants.

It is also known to be an open city, welcoming to all, whatever your size or species. It's military forces, largely effete and ineffective rarely have to defend this peaceful city from enemies - it relies instead on the presence of the great 'Wizdome' of Yendor - the foremost centre of learning for the most powerful mages in the known world. No army would ever have the nerve to go up against Yendor.

Recent events have shown the mages to be - well - weakened. So a number of 'free traders' have gathered together with the sole aim of visiting the great and glittering Yendor and engaging in some 'rough trade'.

Getting word of this impending raid, the King gathers his forces - but - all that stands between the citizens of Yendor and rape and pillage is a hastily gathered 'Sea Guard' of pressed vessels. All the citizens of Yendor contribute to the crews of these ships, according to their species - and the individual ships reflect their owner's characteristic - from the heavily armoured Dwarf ship, the small and numerous Free Folk ships to the sleek and impossibly manoeuvrable Elf ship. Oh yes and the lumbering great warships of the humans.

Can these disparate ships and peoples form a fighting force that can defeat the feared Eastern Corsairs? Only time will tell.

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