Joining CLWG

So, you've looked around and think you'd like to join us?

Great. We meet in London roughly monthy, at a variety of venues.
The best first step is to turn up to one of our meetings and see what we do. Contact us to check what is happening and where.

Visitors to meetings are made welcome, and you will certainly get to play in whatever is going on.
You won't be hassled to pay a membership or join up - so do come along.

If you do decide to join, remember that we will expect you to put on a game sometime during your first year (don't worry about this
- if you're not very experienced, club members are very happy to help you get started).

You will also be expected to write something for MilMud - anything will do - a report of a game, a review, a letter, anything.
But you must write something.

Oh, and pay your subs - currently a mere £30 a year (2016).