Chestnut Lodge is a gaming group dedicated to Quality, Criticism & Development and goes in search of better simulation games.

Although the title says 'wargame' there is actually quite a diversity of games and very few probably wouldn't be thought of as wargames by a mainstream wargamer.

There is often a large political, economic and roleplaying element to our games.

We play conventional (and unconventional) figure games as well, though generally with rules of our own particular cultural flavour and in a generally friendly spirit.

This is a very friendly group and visitors are very welcome to just turn up and see what is going on.

...and there is no need to be an experienced wargamer to come along and join in. Even if you've never played wargames before, we welcome anyone who is interested in finding out more.

The News Links

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The Calendar of forthcoming meetings, events and games

We tend to try and plan ahead for games - though people often turn up with new designs unannounced, so you can find yourself playing almost anything on the day. Items in blue are non-club events. Most meetings start at 12 noon and go on to about 6pm.

For some idea of the sorts of things we do, look at the Archive of games we have played in in past sessions

Visitors are always welcome to come and join in - contact us for details.

Want to add something? Email Jim, the games organiser

Date & Time
What's happening
Sunday 5 March 2017

Russian Civil War - Bernie

Hands of the Many - the Pelopenesian War - Bruce W and Andy H

Pacific Rim - alien breeding game - Trevor

Games Weekend Day 1 : Saturday 1 April 2017

Adlerangriff - real time air defence of Great Britain 1940 - Jim

Paris Commune - Jaap

More Freedom for Urr - stuggle in a fantasy city - Marc et al

The Great Kalinin Race - Mukul returns to the Eastern Front with a famous battle near Moskva that nobody has heard of. - Mukul

(Space for another game or two ...)

Games Weekend Day 2 - Sunday 2 April 2017

Tokugawa Yusei - the struggle to hold the shogunate - Andre S

Cows & Copper - Mexican Revolution revisited - Pickles

Khalsar-Ji! - 1st Sikh War - Pete Merritt

Weird War II - Brian

(Space for another game or two ...)

Sunday 7 May 2017

Game playtest - Chrissy

Mongolian Game - Ollie

Singapore 1915 - John B

4 June 2017

Victory through the Coalition - Nivelle Offensive - Andy Grainger

(Space for another game or two ...)

2 July 2017

Agincourt Game - Brian

Caen battles - Simon C

(Space for another game or two ...)

6 August 2017

Planning a Crusade - John R

Milk Production and Cheese Game - a game of farming for medieval peasants - Nick L

(Space for another game or two ...)

September 2017

The Bastard Comes - Andrew H

(Space for another game or two ...)

October 2017

Nothing Yet

(Space for another game or two ...)

November 2017

Anthony Against Parthia - John B

Space for another game or two ...)

December 2017

Nothing Yet

(Space for another game or two ...)



Archive of games we have played in in past sessions