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Olden Days Gallery

Summer 2004 in Dave's garden. We were playing a large-scale D-Day game.

Here Andrew and Nick consider their options for the initial landings.

The initial lodgements have been very successful.

Peter and Pickles drive on Caen. The Germans stand no chance...

Montgomery (Trevor) looking far cooler than the original. His energetic staff officer (Mukul) spent the afternoon running around a sunny garden (what an ordeal).

It's tough at the front - Pickles discusses the High Command's orders with Peter and Nick.
Dave (Umpire) checking that Peter has distributed his ammo cards properly. Unfortunately Peter couldn't hide any up his sleeve.

"Look" said Peter - pointing.

Nick laughs at the prospect of the huge German panzer counter-attack (as well he might since it wasn't coming for him).

Pickles and Andrew watch the build-up of their Corps, while Nick provides helpful advice from a distance.

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