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Olden Days Gallery
The megagame "Wind That Swept Mexico" (Oct 2004) designed by CLWG's own Jonathan Pickles. There are several CLWG members hidden in this picture - can you spot them all?
More 'Wind That Swept Mexico". The 'Good Ole US of A' team - led by John Rutherford. Enemies of the Revolution and source of jolly handy dollars.

Still more "Wind".

Alex Kleanthous and Neil Parker consier their options. Neil is holding his breath waiting for success (even though everyone said "don't hold your breath Neil...")

The big cheeses in 'Wind'.

Rob Cooper making some sort of announcment of how important he is. Steve Morgan (SELWG) finds it amusing for some reason ( had to be there). In the wings on the right is Dave Boundy - up to someting no doubt.



Any members with digital photos from meetings please email them to Jim asap.