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Olden Days Gallery
South East London Wargames Group's Eastern Front megagame in 2002. The CLWG team in action (well the lower half, anyway).
Andy Grainger briefs Mark Weston, Jerry Elsmore and Stephen Brown on his master plan. (SELWG megagame 2002).
Mark Weston and Michael Dollin laugh in the face of danger. (SELWG megagame 2002).
Jim's medieval skirmish game - the Polish patriots have finally routed the evil Teutonic invaders from their fortified village. On the extreme right you can just see Mukul's contingent finally joining the battle to deliver a master stroke to finish off the fleeing foe. (July 2003)
Design Session in progress. Rob Cooper's Sucessors battle game being tested. CLWG Design Conference - October 2003


Any members with digital photos from meetings please email them to Jim asap.