Download Rules and Briefings

Often games have the draft rules or briefings circulated in advance.
This page has various materials that members have created for their games.
Sometimes these are in draft or note form - sometimes they form the basis for other games.

The Liberating Assault (pdf) Game handbook from Dave's Normandy game.
Operation Rheinubung Briefing (pdf) Briefing and map from Dave Boundy's Bismark game.
Operation Rheinubung map
Go! Go! Go! 'Back to back' hidden movement counterterrorism skirmish game.
Business "In town to do some business" - briefings for a wild west participation game we did at a show (SELWG I think) about 10 years ago.
Voyage Briefings for 'The Voyage' a committee game about a fictional 18th century expedition to the Cayman Islands
Myers Action at Myer's drift - briefings and umpire's notes for a wargame scenaio based on a real incident in the Zulu War,
Skyjack 'Skyjack' - briefings for a 1970's airliner hijack committee / roleplaying game.
Only a game (pdf) 'Its only a game' - a paper on game design by Jim Wallman (Updated July 2007)
One Brain Cell 'One Brain Cell games' article by Jim Wallman
Legseige Short briefing for the famous lego seige game
Aircrew RAF Aircrew RPG by James Kemp and John Rutherford
Mine "Mine all Mine"a game about the Goldrush by Jonathan Pickles
Victory "On to Victory" - briefings for a game about the opening moves of WWI.
C3I A fairly generic set of infantry skirmish rules by James Kemp

Briefings from John's SF megagame about destructive AIs.
NEW Also The Umpire rules for AI funtionality, and the MORIARTI FAQ document

If anyone has files they think might be interesting to others in the group, email them to Jim and I'll add them to the archive. Please keep image and document files to under 100k if you can, smaller is better..

The small print

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