What are we all about?

If you've got this far, you obviously stumbled on CLWG and want to know more.  So here is a potted history and description of what we're about.

This group started off in the early 1970's as a group of gamers who liked playing wargames with toy soldiers.

Dissatisfied with the then mainstream of competitive wargames, the group concentrated on designing its own games and its own rules, and looking at new sorts of wargames.

Above all CLWG aims to be a group of producers rather than consumers, and this is reflected in the CLWG constitution, which requires members to produce and put on at least one game per year, and write an article for the group Journal 'Military Muddling' (known to members as MilMud for short) once a year.

[If you want to know more, have a look at the Potted History of CLWG]

It is a small group, and we think as a result CLWG is innovative, stimulating and fun.

All meetings are usually in various parts of London  (England).

Membership is currently £5 per year.

Newcomers get in free for their first meeting, and are very welcome indeed.

PS: Where does the odd name come from? Chestnut Lodge was the community centre & youth club we met at for the first 20 years or so of the club's existence - Chestnut Lodge in Tulse Hill, South London. The centre subsequently shut down in the 1990s. The building is now used by a private nursery school and after school club.
We couldn't agree to a name change, and everyone had got used to it anyway, so we've remained 'Chestnut Lodge' ever since.