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What are wargames? Here is what wikipedia says Or they can be can be called History Games
The Last War Website - collection of my WW2 war games and megagames in one place. Includes, the STONK rules, and the WW2 megagames Operation Market Garden, The Last War, Operation Goodwood, Breakthrough 1940 and War in the West   Past Perspectives pages - history games for education, training and development - designed specifical for staff development and teambuilding, schools and other educational groups.
Crisis games, operational wargames, role playing games and political games are all ocvered at various times by this group that runs large multi-player face to face games called Megagames. Find out more here  

Free Wargames page - a collection of easily downloadable wargame rules...all free!

Many of these include background materials and even scenarios.

Chestnut Lodge Wargames Group - the home pages for a group of innovative gamers and game designers based in London.      
The Universe
Background for the persistent science fiction game environment called 'The Universe'.
  Crisis In Britannia - Background for the multiplayer Ancient megagame played in London in October 2002 about the Roman Invasion of Britain and its impact on Celtic culture.
Quadrant Zero - the SF Megagame   The City of Yendor Pages - also Pirates of Yendor Megagame pages.